Requesting Accommodations & Courtesy Arrangements

We recognize that just as before the pandemic, there may be a desire or need for exemptions to certain COVID-related policies that are based on an individual’s circumstances. To ensure we are using the same language, accommodations are those requests determined based on documented disability, in discussion with Human Resources or the Office of Academic Accessibility, as appropriate; courtesy arrangements are any others. We intend to maintain flexibility and appreciate that situations will shift and change over the course of the semester and year.


  • Accommodations: Students may present any request for accommodations in a class to the Office of Academic Accessibility (OAA). A request for accommodations may have many solutions and should be worked out in the usual manner–in consultation with the faculty member. It should be noted that remote instruction may NOT be an option in some circumstances and so students should be prepared to solve the issue at hand.

For faculty interested in engaging a solution that presents a challenge, technical or otherwise, we encourage you to ask colleagues in the CTL for support. In addition, we hope to share other resources soon as well. Please stay tuned for more on this.

  • Courtesy Arrangements: Students may always make a request of a faculty member for an exception for any reason. In this case, we ask both student and faculty member to approach each situation with compassion and understanding, recognizing both the situation a student may present, but also the challenges and concerns that could result from deviations to the particular pedagogical, curricular and other choices made by a faculty member for a particular class. As in the case of accommodations, it simply may not be possible to offer a remote instruction, for example. In the case of courtesy arrangements, the choice will ultimately be up to the faculty member regarding how to respond to a particular request.

Faculty & Staff

  • Accommodations: If a faculty or staff member would like to request an accommodation, they will need to complete the appropriate form(s) through Human Resources. Requests will be evaluated in accordance with the University’s Policy on ADA Accommodations. It is worth noting that these guidelines are different from the (CDC) guidelines used last year, and some who were granted accommodations last year may or may not qualify for under the ADA guidelines.

Faculty cases will be reviewed by HR with appropriate consultation with members of the Provost’s Office. (Only relevant information will be shared with select members of the Provost’s Office; all medical and other pertinent information will remain held in confidence by HR).