Food, Events, Outside Guests

Because eating requires the removal of one’s mask, this can be an especially tricky issue. In each (non-dining) space, the person in authority of the space can decide whether to allow eating. In particular, the guidelines for eating in a particular classroom may vary. We simply ask that faculty make this clear on their syllabi with a simple statement: Limited eating and drinking will/will not be permitted in this classroom.

We have now returned to pre-pandemic conditions with respect to allowing events and outside guests. All visitors to the campus are expected to adhere to the same guidelines as described above. In particular, all outside guests who are not vaccinated will be expected to wear masks.

Food may be served at any outdoor event. Food may be served at indoor events under limited circumstances. In particular, short indoor receptions in large spaces where one can grab food or drink, remove their mask, and return to wearing their mask after eating will be permitted. There will also be some other University events where food is served. These events will always prioritize the health and safety of those attending.

Students can only be required to attend an event as a part of a course if the event requires all attendees to wear masks or there are alternative (e.g. Zoom or other remote possibilities) ways to attend.

Musical events or other events where there is greater projection by members conducting the event, require special care. Ideally, performers at events held by the University, those who engage in greater projection (singing, certain instruments, etc.) should be vaccinated.

Our Bulldog NCAA Division I Athletics Program is gathering vaccination information from all student-athletes, coaches, and staff members and is developing updated protocols for safe return to practice and competitions based on NCAA and Big South Guidelines both for vaccinated and unvaccinated participants.  Protocols are also being developed for athletic venues to host spectators who may or may not be vaccinated.