Food, Events, Outside Guests


In each (non-dining) space, the person in authority of the space can decide whether to allow eating. In particular, the guidelines for eating in a particular classroom may vary. We simply ask that faculty make this clear on their syllabi with a simple statement: Limited eating and drinking will/will not be permitted in this classroom.

Food may be served at any outdoor event. Food may be served at indoor events under limited circumstances. In particular, short indoor receptions in large spaces where one can grab food or drink, remove their mask, and return to wearing their mask after eating will be permitted. There will also be some other University events where food is served. These events will always prioritize the health and safety of those attending.

Events & Outside Guests

Events: All events that bring together faculty, staff, students or members of the community who are not employed by or attend the University should be approved by the relevant Vice Chancellor. It should be noted that while we will strive to keep things the same across all groups, there will be differences related to various areas and specifics related to the area and the event. This approval process helps us to be sure that we are doing all that we can to keep everyone safe. General guidelines for events are below:

    • Audience Members: Internal and external audiences are permitted to attend events on campus with all the constraints described below. Any event may encourage all attendees to be vaccinated or supply proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of an event, but we are not requiring this. It would be the responsibility of the organizer to share that information with potential attendees in advance.

    • External Speakers/Performers: You may have external speakers and performers on campus provided that they are willing to adhere to all the guidelines and protocols of those who are members of our community.

    • Food: Food may be served at events in accordance with all other protocols and practices.

    • Size & Logistics: Events should maintain a number of people that allows for 3 feet of distance, including at exits and entrances. This means that plans for how people congregate before and after events and enter and exit an event should be carefully planned out.

For more information about COVID-19 event capacity guidelines, please see the Highsmith Student Union event guidelines.

Visitors to campus are expected to follow UNC Asheville’s Community Expectations. Event attendees are not required to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test for general admission, but may be asked to do so if an event has a governing organization that requires this proof or if the event organizer has a special request due to contributing factors. UNC Asheville Bulldog Athletics follow NCAA regulations and have additional requirements.


Our Bulldog NCAA Division I Athletics Program is gathering vaccination information from all student-athletes, coaches, and staff members and has developing updated protocols for practices and competitions based on NCAA and Big South Guidelines both for vaccinated and unvaccinated participants.

In coordination with University campus health and safety personnel, UNC Asheville Athletics is announcing updated adjustments to its basketball attendance and hospitality policies for the month of February.

Moving forward, attendance will return to full capacity along with concessions being sold at home basketball games. In addition, hospitality for eligible Bulldog Athletic Association donors will return to normal operations.

UNC Asheville Athletics follows campus community expectations for events.

UNC Asheville will continue to monitor Covid-19 rates on campus and in the greater Buncombe County area and communicate further updates at and on our athletic social media channels.

All home games will continue to be broadcast on ESPN+.

Guest Speakers and Performers

The NC Department of Health and Human Services provides an exception to face coverings when an individual is giving a speech for broadcast or to an audience. The removal of a face covering at a podium or microphone for an event is allowed when social distancing and other mitigation strategies are place. For more information, visit the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

Musical events or other events where there is greater projection by members conducting the event, require special care. Ideally, performers at events held by the University, those who engage in greater projection (singing, certain instruments, etc.) should be vaccinated.