Classrooms & Campus Spaces

Classroom Set-up

We encourage everyone to maintain a distance of 3 feet indoors. Classrooms have been modified and matched with the enrollments of classes to match this requirement. UNC Asheville COVID-19 capacity guidelines remain in place for all campus spaces.

Through fall 2021, UNC Asheville had no known instances of workplace or classroom transmission of COVID-19, so we will continue our protocols and best practices, encouraging mask wearing, social distancing, limiting event capacity, cleaning frequently, etc. 

Classrooms and enrollments are matched as best as possible,

Faculty are also requested to use fixed seating – asking students to stay in the same seats – for the semester


Updated March 1, 2022

In light of recently revised guidance from the CDCNCDHHS and UNC System leadership, UNC Asheville will no longer require face coverings indoors, effective Monday, March 7, 2022. Exceptions will include health care settings and on public transportation, including University shuttles.

The UNC System requests that all 17 UNC System institutions ease mask requirements. This reflects current conditions at this phase of the coronavirus pandemic, including widespread immunity through vaccination and prior infection, as well as better access to testing and treatments.

Out of respect for each individual’s personal choices given their circumstances, members of the UNC Asheville community are reminded to be respectful of choices to wear or not to wear a mask in any situation. All are encouraged to decide what is best for their health and personal circumstances, also being mindful of the needs of others (i.e., children who cannot get vaccines or elders in residence).

Outdoor Classrooms

We continue to have multiple campus locations for reservation and use. As was the case last year, these spaces will often not have electrical outlets, tents or overhead covering, no screens for presentations and there will not be writing surfaces; some will have seating provided and others will be class with grass seating only.

It is important to keep in mind that outdoor spaces may be inaccessible to some students. For example, students with mobility differences may have difficulty sitting in the grass or in adirondack chairs. In order to ensure that all students can access learning spaces, it is recommended that you clearly communicate details regarding proposed outdoor meeting locations well in advance. Please assure students that you will accommodate all students, which may mean choosing a different space if needed. Sharing information about where you will be in advance will also prevent expecting to use an outdoor space only to find it already occupied.

To use the available spaces, please email your reservation request to Silke Crombie, Associate Director of Highsmith Operations, at Please include the date and time of your class and the number of students in the class and Silke will promptly respond to your request to reserve an area with a confirmation.  Below are the outdoor spaces that will be available this Fall.

Furnished outdoor “classrooms”:

  •      Quad: Two meeting circles of 10 adirondack chairs.
  •      Rhoades Plaza
  •      Carmichael Hall Terrace
  •      Robinson Hall Breezeway
  •      Laurel Forum Courtyard
  •      Tennent Park Outdoor Classroom

Locations of stacks of folding chairs:

  •      Zeis Portico
  •      Carmichael Hall and Whitesides Hall for Reynolds Green
  •      Bulldog Way

Unfurnished outdoor grass classrooms:

  •      Karpen Azalea Garden
  •      Reynolds Green
  •      Zageir Green