Academics & Student Support


The fall 2021 semester begins Monday, August 16 and concludes Wednesday, December 8. View the full academic calendar here.

Students should contact the Academic Success Center at or 828.350.4501 for questions regarding advising, class registrations, accessibility accommodations, and more.

Grading & Withdrawals

We do not anticipate changing our grading structure for the 2021-22 academic year. If there is a sudden change in education experience or a mandate from the UNC System Office, we would address our policies at that time.

If a student needs to withdraw from classes, We will follow our standard withdrawal policy. Tuition refunds are not usually granted for withdrawals. However, exceptions can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Excused Absences

We have several resources available to students who need to make up classes, from class recording technology to note-taking, but it will depend on the class. Some of the strategies available include streaming of the course for students to watch live, recording of the class to be shared with students asynchronously, or developing alternative ways for students to receive course content (Powerpoint slides on Moodle, for example) and demonstrate participation/attendance in the course (short submissions to prompts, for example). An instructor should not ask for a particular detail of personal health history but can always ask for a note from a health provider that a particular person is cleared to be in class.

Student Support

Visit the Campus Services & Hours page for a list of support services available to students.

Contingency Planning

Contingency plans are in place, if required, for shifting quickly from on-campus operations to fully online instruction and suspension of campus activities. The plan is based on our relatively smooth shift to online instruction during the spring semester of 2020 and we would replicate all practicable steps to implement the process again if necessary. The decision to move back to online learning would be made at the System level.