In-Person Instruction – Fall 2020

Updated May 11, 2020

With the guidance of the UNC System leaders, UNC Asheville expects to resume in-person instruction for the Fall 2020 semester if public health conditions allow. We at UNC Asheville are working closely with the City of Asheville, Buncombe County, local and state health departments, with our key healthcare partners at MAHEC and Mission Hospital, and with other colleges and university leaders in Western North Carolina. Read the May 11 campus update for more information.

Online Classes – Spring 2020

Remote instruction began on March 23, 2020 and will continue through the end of the Spring 2020 semester.

How Remote Instruction Works

Each class and each faculty member is deciding how to proceed. Some classes may be held by videoconferencing (using Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet), with meetings at the same time as they normally would occur (Eastern Standard Time); however, we know that this may be difficult for some of you who are caring for children, are participating from a very different timezone, or have had other schedule changes necessitated by having to return home. Other classes will proceed quite differently. Some will be conducted asynchronously, with your faculty using new online resources and Moodle activities to help you engage with course content, for example. Most courses will likely incorporate a blend of strategies.

If they haven’t already emailed you, your faculty will be reaching out in the next few days to share their plans for how your classes will proceed. Please let them know if you have unique challenges you want them to understand.

Please refer to the Online Course Support page for more information on the transition to online instruction.

For questions related to a specific class, the faculty teaching the course will be the best source of information. Please direct other academic questions to the office to which you would normally direct those questions. For academic questions for which you don’t know to whom you should direct your question, please look to your faculty advisor or the chair of the department in which you major. You can also reach out to the Office of the Provost (, and we will direct you to the correct office.

Labs or Studio Classes

Plans for these courses are still being developed at this time. Please refer to the Remote Learning and Working page for more information on the transition to online instruction.

Tools You Need

Your needs will vary based on your courses, but we expect that you will need a device such as a computer, iPad, Chromebook, or possibly, only a mobile device, together with internet access. There are many options for free internet access for students over the next couple of months and a few options at reduced rates.

Please see the Remote Learning and Working page for more resources.

If you are on or near campus, we are currently keeping Highsmith Student Union open for limited hours. That building has some computers available for use and allow for internet access. Please bring your OneCard with you to campus as we are only allowing students, faculty and staff to use most spaces. Be aware, however, that the availability of these spaces is subject to change as the situation evolves.

If you do not have a computer or other electronic device that will allow you to participate in your courses, we do have a limited number of basic laptops available for loan. Please email the ITS Help Desk ( to make your request. You will need to be able to come to campus to pick up the laptop.

Online Tutoring and Learning Support

Peer tutoring and supplemental instruction have resumed online via Google Hangouts. Visit the Peer Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction page for the tutoring schedule. The Writing Center is also operating virtually during this time. Visit the Writing Center website to schedule an appointment.

Degree Completion

We are keenly aware that many of you have concerns about staying on track towards graduation, and in some cases are thinking about how to complete your degree this semester. We will find every way possible to help students stay on track. Please communicate any concerns you have with your advisor or to the Academic Success Center at

Grading and Withdrawals Policy

The grading and withdrawal policies outlined below are active for the Spring 2020 semester only to address the global health pandemic of COVID-19. It is strongly recommended that students consult with their academic advisor or the Academic Success Center advising staff before selecting either option.

Satisfactory/Withdrawal (S*/W) Grading Option

The deadline to select this grading option ended Friday, May 22, 2020.

Students can choose the S*/W option for all courses in which they are registered in the Spring 2020 semester.

  • Faculty will grade all courses as normal, with standard letter grades, by Friday, May 8.
  • Students can elect to convert their final grade to S* or W starting May 11, 2020 through May 22, 2020.
  • Letter grades of A-D would be eligible for conversion to a ‘S*’ grade. F grades would be eligible for conversion to a ‘W’.
  • A grade of ‘S*’ will not be factored into the GPA; however, these courses will count towards earned semester hours.
  • Courses converted to an ‘S*’ under this option will count towards applicable curricular, major, minor, pre-requisite and degree requirements, with the exception of courses or requirements designated by an institution or organization outside of UNC Asheville. This includes requirements set forth in the Joint Engineering Program with NC State (for more information, contact the Engineering department) and for the Department of Public Instruction Teacher Licensure (for more information, contact the Education department).
  • A grade of ‘W’ will not be factored into the GPA, will not count towards earned semester hours, and will not fulfill requirements. However, it will count as attempted hours for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculations at the end of the term for the purposes of Financial Aid eligibility.
  • Students who elect to convert a course to S*/W grading will do so through the Office of the Registrar. A form will be available for the student to select which courses they want to convert to S*/W grading starting on May 11, 2020, and will be available through Friday, May 22, 2020.
  • Given this grading shift, we will suspend the Chancellor’s and Dean’s List for the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Latin honors for May 2020 graduates will be evaluated as normal, requiring a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher and a minimum of 60 credit hours earned at UNC Asheville.
  • A comment will be added to all UNC Asheville transcripts for the Spring 2020 semester citing the occurrence of COVID-19.

Extended Withdrawal Period

The deadline to withdraw from a course ended Friday, May 22, 2020.

  • A grade of ‘W’ will not be factored into the GPA, will not count towards earned semester hours, and will not fulfill requirements. However, it will count as attempted hours Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) calculations at the end of the term for the purposes of Financial Aid eligibility.
  • A grade of ‘W’ taken post the transition to remote learning (i.e. post spring break) in the spring 2020 semester will not count towards the Withdrawal Limit policy.
  • It is strongly recommended that students consult with their academic advisor(s) and/or instructor(s) before making this change.

Please see the Satisfactory/Withdrawal (S*/W) Grading Policy FAQ for more details.

Academic Calendar

2020 Summer and Fall Course Registration

Registration for summer and fall courses has been moved to April 6. Advising began March 23. See the complete registration calendar here.

The dates for the Term II classes have been adjusted:

  • Start Date was March 16 → now March 23
  • Last day to DROP was March 18 → now March 25
  • Last day to Withdraw/Audit was April 6 → now April 13

All summer study abroad trips have been canceled. For now, we are proceeding as though Maymester and summer school will take place, though perhaps with slightly modified timelines. More information will be forthcoming.

Spring 2020 Commencement

Due to COVID-19, UNC Asheville’s Spring Commencement has been rescheduled to take place in person on Saturday, August 1 at 9 a.m. on the University Quad, if public health conditions allow. Visit for more details.