Cleaning & Disinfecting

What is the cleaning schedule for classrooms and shared spaces, including restrooms?

Housekeeping staff are currently working 5 a.m. – 1 p.m. All classrooms are cleaned once a day. High-touch surfaces, lobbies, common spaces and bathrooms are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day during the housekeeping shift.

Wipes are being purchased centrally and will be provided in every lab and classroom for on-the-spot use. (You don’t need to buy those for your department!)

General housekeeping of offices and other spaces will still happen every day outside of normal office hours.

Wipes, disinfectant spray and gloves can be ordered through the Emergency Operations Committee by your department if additional cleaning is desired. Please make the request through your Emergency Operation Center Representative.

My department needs additional cleaning supplies. How do I order those?

Departments should continue to order cleaning supplies for normal operation through the typical purchasing process, but any requests specific to COVID-19, such as PPE or specialized disinfectant should be requested through your Emergency Operation Center Representative.

To Get Help/More Info

For specific questions related to your workspace, email Campus Operations or call them at 828.251.6564.

If you have a purchasing need, visit the Purchasing website, or email Joel Knisley (, Candace Buck (, and Mark Westergaard ( NOTE: All coronavirus-related purchasing is being centrally coordinated and must use the COVD19 (no “i”) budget code since emergency funding/grants may cover some expenses.