Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

This is the first iteration of the UNC Asheville COVID-19 reporting webpage. We are working with the UNC System on additional reporting criteria. This webpage may be modified as needed throughout the semester.

This page will be updated with confirmed cases daily (Monday-Friday). Last updated on September 17, 2020.

The list below represents UNC Asheville faculty, staff or students who have known, confirmed cases of COVID-19 and have been present on campus in the previous two weeks.

The list does not include individuals who may have confirmed cases but have not reported to campus in the past 14 days or individuals who are self-quarantining without a confirmed diagnosis.

This information is based on cases reported to the University and verified by the UNC Asheville Health and Counseling Center.

Privacy Statement

In accordance with FERPA and HIPAA, the University will not disclose information about any individuals of a personally identifying nature.

New Positive COVID-19 Cases Among:Number of New Positive Cases
Employees and students1

Note: This number represents the total number of new positive cases involving employees and students. A new positive case is reported for one weekday, and then is reported in the cumulative case count. Individuals who are sick are in isolation and receiving proper medical care.

Cumulative Positive COVID-19 Cases Among:Cumulative Positive COVID-19 Cases as of
September 17, 2020
Employees and students14

Note: This number represents the cumulative number of positive cases involving individuals who have been on campus since July 1, 2020. Not all cases are active. Individuals who are sick are in isolation and receiving proper medical care.

Isolation and Quarantine
Total number of operational beds on campus reserved for student quarantine or isolation92
Total number of beds currently in use2
Percentage of beds in use2%
Total number of students currently in
self-isolation/self-quarantine per university instructions (on and off campus)

UNC Asheville’s Response

We are working closely with local health department officials to ensure notifications are made quickly to those who may have come in contact with those who tested positive for COVID-19 so they can be directed as to their next steps. We are grateful for the health department’s partnership and expertise in this situation.

How to Report a Positive Diagnosis or Concern

If you are a student, faculty or staff member who is diagnosed with COVID-19, please complete this confidential form to notify the University. You may also use this form to report a concern about another person related to COVID-19.