Federal Emergency Grants


UNC Asheville is committed to ensuring a college education is accessible to our students. We know the COVID-19 pandemic presented unexpected financial challenges to many members of our Bulldog community. 

Through federal and state grants—including the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF)—and the UNC Asheville Student Emergency Fund, the University has been able to provide approximately $9.5 million to more than 5,350 students to support their degree completion. These funds are to assist those with the highest financial need and those with unexpected financial emergencies. Additionally, there are guidelines governing the distribution of all federal funds.  

These grants are intended to help cover expenses related to the cost of attendance (i.e., food, housing and utilities, health insurance, including mental health care, transportation, or child care) or for emergency costs that arise due to the COVID pandemic.

UNC Asheville is opening applications for the HEERF III Emergency Grant. Anticipated award amounts are up to $600 per student. These grants are available to students to help cover expenses related to the cost of attendance such as technology, textbooks, and other supplies related to coursework.  Priority for these grants will be given to students with exceptional need, in line with guidance from the federal government.

The application will be open on September 9th and the application will close on September 23rd. HEERF Emergency Grants are not considered financial aid and do not affect a student's current or future financial aid eligibility.

2022-2023 Emergency Grant Award

UNCA Asheville is awarding all eligible students $300 to $600 in an emergency grant to cover the estimated costs of textbooks and help with other expenses for the Fall 2022 semester. If students do not choose one of the options below, a refund will be issued on September 6th.


  • Students must have completed a 2022-23 FAFSA and have exceptional need, as determined by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

  • Students enrolled in twelve or more credit hours will receive the full $600.

  • Students enrolled in three to eleven credit hours will receive $300.

  • Students must be degree-seeking or in the Teacher Licensure Program.

  • Non-degree seeking students and students enrolled in fewer than three credit hours are not eligible.

Options for applying the grant award:

  • You can choose to participate in the Bookstore Advance Program, which allows students to use a portion of their grant to purchase textbooks prior to the first day of classes. Complete the Bookstore Advance Program form and complete the Financial Aid Authorization Form to select this option.

  • Or, you can apply the funding to your current student account balance. Grants will be applied to student accounts at the end of the second week of classes. If you have no balance, you will be issued a refund by September 6th. Complete the HEERF Authorization Form to apply the funds to your account balance.

Please email cares@unca.edu with any questions.



As of June 30, 2022, $6,463,377 of the Federal (CARES and HEERF) Emergency grant has been awarded to 4,806 students. As indicated in the current Institutional HEERF report, UNC Asheville has also awarded Emergency Grants to students from the Institutional HEERF funds. For more information, see the Reporting page.